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To:            Joe Diersen - VP Sales

From:        Larry Rickard, Frederick County Public Schools

Subject:    TowerMate

Date:        11/27/2010

Frederick County Public Schools has installed a TowerMate Treatment system at two elementary schools. The two schools are REDBUD RUN ELEMENTARY (1996) and STONEWALL ELEMENTARY (1997). The sizes of the buildings are approximately 70,000 sq. ft. each. The schools have similar mechanical systems. The mechanical systems are made up of approximately 75 water source heat pumps which are connected to a condenser water loop. In series with the condenser loop is a water to water heat exchanger for cooling the loop and two hot water boilers for adding heat to the loop.

The heat exchanger is also connected to a fiberglass cooling tower which is used to extract heat from the loop during warm weather conditions. The tower normally operates from April through October with a reduced operation in the summer months when school is closed during July and August.

Corrosion, scale and biological growth are controlled in the cooling tower and heat exchanger with the use of a TowerMate System. The system modifies water by flowing it through strong magnetic fields, ionization electrodes, and a centrifugal separator. No chemicals are added to the system and bleed is eliminated. The pump has sealed bearings and requires no Maintenance.   

To date the systems have functioned very well with only normal Maintenance required. The cooling tower and heat exchanger at Redbud Run have been disassembled once for cleaning and Stonewall has not required any cleaning to date. Normal cleaning needs to be performed annually in our school systems that currently use chemicals.

The use of the TowerMate Systems has produced an operational savings by:

1. No purchase of chemicals or chemical injection equipment. The chance of a chemical pump malfunctioning and not properly treating the  water or pumping valuable chemicals down the drain is eliminated.

2. Towers and heat exchangers reMain free of scale and corrosion creating a higher efficiency which reduces energy cost.

3. The rate of water blow-down from the tower is considerably less than a chemical system which translates into a water/sewer cost savings. 

4. Labor costs for the annual cleaning of the towers and heat exchangers have been eliminated.

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