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TowerMate Presentation

Why TowerMate Works When Others Don't

Non-Chemical Magnetics - Federal Technology Alerts Article

NASA Electronic Biocide Generator Invention Article Biocide Ionization Study

Legionella Test Results

Video of Working TowerMate and Testimonial

Video of Performance and Maintenance Q&A - Part One

Video of Performance and Maintenance Q&A - Part Two

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TowerMate Testimonial Frederick County Schools (1996 - 2010)

RW Mead Reference

GE Reference

Test data


The Kingsley analysis shows how the different parameters plateauing at different values, based on their solubility.  On the first page, you will see that conductivity went to 24 cycles and has yet to plateau. Chloride peaked at 39 and plateaued at 20. Calcium hardness peaked at 7 and plateaued at 4.Silica peaked at 6 and plateaued at 4. Iron peaked at 2 and plateaued at 0. The Compressor Performance Analysis uses approach (air out - water in) to show heat exchanger efficiency.  Using this Delta T eliminates seasonal influences. The engineer at Kingsley explained that the true measure of efficiency was compressor motor current draw per degree  approach (smaller is better).  The number started at about 11 and dropped to about 6.5 (the linear regression  smoothing on the last chart shows it best).  That's a 40% improvement!


Kingsley Summary of Performance Data  |  The Kingsley Performance Data


Sigma Aldridge Summary | Sigma Aldridge Performance Data


James River Summary of Performance Data   | James River Performance Data


TowerMate Field Analysis vs. Ozone


TowerMate Specifications






TM Installation and Operations Manual


 Unique Bottling Plant Application

Video Testimony on TowerMate Unit in operation for over ten years

 Q&A Interview Part 1

Q&A Part 2

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