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TowerMate Product Benefits
TowerMate is a chemical-free system. This means elimination of the potential environmental hazards associated with chemical treatments, spills, disposal, and human exposure.

TowerMate significantly reduces makeup water requirements. System bleed (blowdown) is shut off. After existing scale is removed, water loss is reduced to less than one gallon per day.

TowerMate eliminates scale build-up on heat transfer surfaces. Intense magnetic fields cause calcite to revert to aragonite, effectively preventing scale building up and automatically de-scaling heat transfer services.

TowerMate reduces Maintenance requirements. There’s no need to manually clean heat exchangers or basins any more, and a simple weekly check includes only a biocide level test, a visual inspection of a lint trap and tool-less manual cleaning, if necessary. A press of the purge override button verifies operation of the automatic purge valve.

TowerMate maximizes system efficiencies, reducing operating costs. The elimination of scale build-up on heat transfer surfaces and pipes increases both heat transfer and pump efficiency. This reduces energy consumption and operating costs. Additionally, there is no passivation of heat transfer surfaces, as with ozone systems. Clean, non-passivated surfaces offer maximum heat transfer rate.

TowerMate extends equipment life. Oxidants are corrosive to cooling system metals. TowerMate’s dissolved ions are toxic to algae, bacteria, and viruses but are non-corrosive toward metals.

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