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Installation is easy.

The TowerMate system is a side-stream treatment system that never interferes with, nor depends upon, the operation of the cooling tower or evaporative condenser. A complete TowerMate system takes up minimal floor space and total weight will only be 300-1,000 lbs., depending on the size of the system required. Standard system sizes can even minimize, and often eliminate, design costs.

To install, a PVC pipe is routed from one end of the collection tank, into the TowerMate, and back to the opposite end of the collection tank. A smaller PVC pipe is routed to a drain. Pre-focused permanent Magnetic Field Generator assemblies are installed in the existing influent and effluent lines. Finally, the system requires only a single 220 VAC service connection.

With TowerMate, Paybacks Are Immediate

Pays for itself in a little as one month. No chemicals to purchase. No downtime for tube brushing, pressure washing, or sump cleaning. Reduced water usage. Better System Efficiency. Less Maintenance time and labor.

Installing a TowerMate water treatment system can result in such a significant reduction in operating expenses, that the system can often pay for itself in less than a year.

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