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ChillMate Technology = TowerMate Plus Evaporative Pre-Cooling

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How ChillMate Works. ChillMate is a Patent Pending Pre-Cooling Water Treatment system which acts either as a stand alone system or as an adjunct to the TowerMate System.  ChillMate actually marries three or four technologies (depending on the application) - a Solids Separator, a Two Auxiliary Magnetic Field Generator (MFG’s)  Biocide Co-Generator (BCG) and a Pre-cooling Misting System (ChillMate) which is enhanced by an ASHREA approved Filtration Fabric System.


Biocide Co-Generator and MFG’s. These two devices are provided in two different water treatment technologies: One which is controlled by a computer Chip…a technology originally developed by NASA.  As conductive water in the system passes over proprietary electrodes, it accepts charged molecules, or ions.  And unlike UV, ozone, and all other oxidizers, these double positive ions provide long-lasting residual protection. The other is our integrated and auxiliary MFG system, a Globally proven technology which is a both a Biocide and Scale inhibiting device solution.


When the BCG is powered on with our pump which circulates the flow of the cooling system water, the charged ions are attracted to other molecules.  When these ions become attached to algae, bacteria, and viruses the cells die within minutes.  The dead algae, bacteria and virus cells, now much larger, are easily filtered out of the water.  Even Legionnaires’ Disease is eliminated.

MFG De-Scaler and Corrosion Inhibitor. Scale is caused when minerals dissolved in water precipitate out of solution, forming a hard mineral coating (calcite) on heat transfer surfaces and pipes. The ChillMate system employs an intense system of MFG’s which generate magnetic flux fields that cause calcite to revert to aragonite, its natural form. This prevents scale formation and, in fact, de-scales existing surfaces without making the water corrosive.

Corrosive water is characterized by an excess of hydrogen ions. The ChillMate system neutralizes this excess and buffers the pH, eliminating general corrosion and the galvanic corrosion (pitting) that it can cause. Chemically, the water will appear scaling (the opposite of corrosive), but physical forces prevent scale formation.

Solids-From-Liquid Separator. This element of the ChillMate system provides continual removal, down to 40 microns, of sand, silt, pollen, and debris that enter via air and makeup water flow. It also traps the scale that is removed from heat transfer surfaces. The separator contains no filter medium, and there are no moving parts. No backwashing is required, either. Accumulated solids are automatically purged periodically with a water loss of only 1-4 quarts.

Cooling Tower Intake Filtration Fabric. Failure to provide effective air intake protection to building or equipment fans, motors, heat exchangers and other process cooling systems adds up to a costly loss of productivity in safe and efficient system operations. The ChillMate Equipment Protection Filters are made of permanent, washable polypropylene.

As a primary pre-filtration defense, they help prevent the damage and extensive maintenance that large volumes of debris can cause. Custom sized to fit any air intake, the fabric is UV protected and stands up to extreme outdoor exposure, corrosive environments, high velocity air flow, as well as industrial cleaning and maintenance handling. Our simple solution to air intake filtration helps reduce operational and maintenance costs over a long useful life.

Pre-Cooling Misting System. The side stream TowerMate pump system is outfitted with an additional high pressure pump for providing increased water pressure. This is required to feed the evaporative nozzles which create a continuous cloud of both a very fine mist, for evaporative cooling of the air and for keeping the filtering fabric constantly dampened with moisture. The outer fill components of the Tower are keep clean of solids and bio build-up due to the treated water. The cool moist air is pulled through by the suction fans thereby supplementing the evaporative cooling process and saturating the fill with treated water that will attack the bio-fouling contaminants as well as the scale producing elements (silica and lime). The cool filtered and treated water is supplied from the sump basin thus eliminating the need for additional make-up water for the misting system.


The air being drawn into the Tower through the fill is cooled by between 20 and 30°F which will enhance the evaporative cooling process of the tower and will save at least 5-10% on the Tower and Chiller system energy since it will aid significantly by lowering the approach temps. We also contend that it will reduce some evaporative water loss since the pre-evaporative mist which is drawn in by the fans will cool the water in the fill thus condensing the evaporate back into a liquid as it blends with the hot water, some of which is being pre-cooled enough before it would have reached the evaporation point under the normal, non pre-cooling conditions (I.e. when the normally hotter water meets the normally warmer air more evaporative loss takes place because more heated evaporate is given up at a more rapid rate).

By extending the evaporative cooling environment of the Tower to the large area outside of the air intake, we are effectively expanding the cooling capacity of the tower by 30% or more without increasing the energy or space requirements. We are also reducing the dramatic flux and characteristics of the phase changes by enabling heat reduction more so through condensation rather than exclusively by evaporation. That is, the outside nozzle mist and evaporate is being suctioned and recaptured and converted back to a liquid into the Tower fill by the conductive action of cool convective moist air rather than being given off as steam or vapor. Furthermore, as the hot water entering the tower meets with cool moist air, it will blend and cool conductively and thus will give off less evaporation through the Tower exhaust fans.

One gallon of water has ~8,000 BTU of cooling potential (heat of vaporization). The more efficiently water is evaporated, the more of its full cooling potential can be realized. The greater the surface area, the quicker it evaporates. As stated above, when the evaporate is suctioned back as cool mist the process becomes even more efficient. Our misting system uses ultra low flow atomization nozzles to form a mist of fine water droplets in µm sizes (~1/10 of a strain of hair) – 1 gal of water has a surface area greater than a Soccer Field. On a 350 ton Cooling Tower our high pressure misting system can put out over 200 gallons of mist per hour which equates to over 200 soccer fields of surface area or 1,600,000 BTU's of cooling potential or the equivalent of 133 tons of added cooling capacity. Once released into air, water droplets quickly absorb heat in the ambient and evaporate, thus cooling the air. When the incoming air is pre-cooled by 30°F, it is as if the CT has the work load of a 70° day rather than a 100° day. This allows the Condenser and Chiller (or Heat Exchangers) to transfer heat much more efficiently:

  •  Head pressure and amperage draw are reduced
  •  Output temperature is reduced
  •  "Time-on” cycles are reduced
  •  Energy consumption is reduced
  •  Coefficient of performance (COP) is increased
  •  Life of condenser is extended

Here are some average test results from Evaporative cooling:

  • ¨ Compressor head pressure reduction – 25%
  •  Amperage draw reduction – 21%
  •  Condenser ambient temperature reduction – 28 °F
  •  Exhaust air temperature reduction – 12 °F
Chill-N-Save Applications (click below)

In addition, as previously mentioned, Axess1 has integrated its own patent pending co-generating bio and scale terminator which operates with a water recirculation feature that super charges the misting water with ionic charges that both kills bacteria and algae as well as to convert the water into a de-scaling solution as it combines with the air and enters into the fill components of the Tower. Since these added components will serve to boost the Cooling Tower cleaning, the heat transfer efficiency of the Tower will be Maintained at or better than the factory optimal efficiency specs, especially when the ChillMate system is combined with the TowerMate system.

Axess1 Group is the Exclusive Sales Agent of ChillMate - Call 1(678) 653 5554 for more info
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